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Yes sir, and thats why I say we can all discuss how great it is and the potential it has, but again is it really worth the extra 100k unless you just want to say you have an LT? And to that, theres 500 people that can say that, theres only 50 that can say they have a Le Mans....

I am obviously a racing buff too, so the Le Mans winning F1, and the throwback the LM has is just awesome. Lots of cool little details.
If you are in the US, you are 1 of only 8 LM owners in the country. Since I purchased mine 3 months ago, I have been amazed at the reaction the car gets from other owners. People have told me that they never thought the would see one in person. I go along with rarity as a big factor for the future. The style of the LM is classic super car and will become an important part of McLaren history. Just my humble opinion. (Yes, I put my money where my mouth is. )
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121 - 128 of 128 Posts
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