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Hello Everyone, I am listing a set of front bumper skid plates that mount to the lower area that is prone to damage from driveways and unexpected road conditions. They are made out of name brand super dense marine grade Polyethylene, and they attach with special aluminum tri-bulb rivets which are included, they install without removing your bumper or any underbody panels. If you are a DIY guy then you should have no problem doing these in an hour or two tops. If you are not a DIY guy then any knowledgeable shop can have these on in well under an hour.

I just wanted to mention while I am registered as a vendor here, this is an after work hobby of mine, each set is hand made, not mass produced by a CNC machine.

Price for the 3pc. set with hardware is $325.00 shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Here is a link with some better pics that I posted last month, The skids on the car in the pics were made by me and installed by me, they fit very well and are not visible unless looking under the car.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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