570S Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust
ABSOLUTE – McLaren MaxFlow 4″ Race Downpipes (special insulation wrapped)

Bought both new last year and put on my 570S GT4 race car. They look great and sound fantastic. I enjoyed them for a season till May this year, the left tip was destroyed as I got hit from the rear during a race. It took me over 4 months to get a replacement tip...For a race car, it is way too long to get replacement part so I have to let it go. The left tip is brand new as showing in picture. This exhaust was made like a piece of art, will hang it on the wall if it won't sell.

The 4" cat less downpipe was bought and used with Akrapovic but the original heat wrap did not work very well, it will overheat my intake temperature (intercooler) in race condition so I sent it out to install the same insulation like the Akrapovic. However the process took too long and when it came back I was already waiting for the exhaust tip. It has never been put back on the car after the insulation wrap installed. The wrap is complete silver right now since it is new but will eventually yellowing and turn into the same color of Akrapovic.

$6000 for both. They sound really really nice and will shoot fire, here is a video during Dyno last time:

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