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2024 Nissan GT-R

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The 2024 Nissan GT-R
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Nissan today unveiled the new Japan-market GT-R, including two special editions, the Nissan GT-R Premium edition T-spec, and Nissan GT-R NISMO Special edition. The 2024 models are planned to hit the market in the coming spring and will be joined by the NISMO versions, planned to go on sale in summer.
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With “evolving toward ultimate driving pleasure” as its product concept, the Nissan GT-R continues to enhance its status as a premium sports car. The new models represent the next level of balance between speed and ride quality. "Fronted with a new grille design, cutting-edge technologies and craftsmanship, the new models are the pinnacle of the GT-R R35," said Nissan COO Ashwani Gupta.
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The models feature improved aerodynamics and a refined ride quality. While maintaining horsepower, noise and vibration have been reduced and the sound carefully tuned to enhance onboard comfort.
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T-spec represents the GT-R’s philosophy of leading and shaping the times and is inspired by the words trend and traction. The GT-R T-spec has been created to always be ahead of the times and to drive with robust grip. The Nissan GT-R Premium edition T-spec is now equipped with specially set suspension and carbon disc brakes, delivering the pleasure of a smooth ride and responsive handling.
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The Nissan GT-R NISMO maximizes the use of racing technologies. By refining aerodynamic performance, suspension tuning, and adding a mechanical limited-slip differential to the front final drive, this is the highest-performance GT-R ever. The exclusive Recaro carbon back bucket seats have been refreshed for enhanced drive quality, providing a unified feel with the car and increased comfort. The Nissan GT-R NISMO Special edition uses high-precision weight-balanced engine parts, such as piston rings, connecting rods, crankshaft, and a clear-coated NISMO-exclusive carbon engine hood (with NACA ducts).
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Who would buy this crap in 2023? Must be what it's Japanese market. Die hards only.
Looks a little Mustang like. This is not the big redesign is it? Seems like this model has been running with no major redesign for a very long time.
But how much does it weigh?
A lot less with those seats in it! 😍
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