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Testing waters here for someone who would like to take over financing payments, returning my down.

Just bought the car in Late Dec. of this last year 2019.

Car now has Catless Soul Performance Downpipes installed since one week ago.

• Volcano Orange
• 2017 Mclaren 570S 11k miles
• Loan payoff amount = $92,000

•i have equity in the vehicle. Approximately $80k ($60k in after taxes)

•Starting a family now and have decided it may be better to invest my equity in a home rather.

•The payment will be around $1447 a month at 72 months.

•I currently have a 5 year loan. At $1992 a month.

•Refinancing should not be an issue. To a lower number than $1447 a month.

If anyone is interested in establishing a deal, please contact me.

Car is located in Orange County Ca.

I’ve attached some pictures. Interior is also flawless. I can send pictures by request or i will add them here when I’m in town. Thank you.

Kind regards.


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Your post is quite confusing, if its not a lease takeover, why not post the price you're selling for?! We all know how it works when you buy a car, you pay cash or get financing.
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