McLaren 570S Silica White (special paint) on black and red interior McLaren 570S. Sticker when new was $211,100 with options such as Front Lift (a must have), the Sports exhaust with Stealth Exhaust Finish ($4,370), and Carbon Ceramic brakes with matching Red calipers. Still under McLaren extended warranty until end of December 2022 (can be extended yearly).

Other options include Carbon fiber interior options ($2,970), By McLaren interior trim ($2,990), Electric/heated seats ($3,180), Soft Close Doors ($730), and the Super-Lightweight 10-spoke Forge Stealth wheels ($4,740). Full build sheet is in the pictures. Built in hidden Escort Passport 9500ci Radar Detector (two small sensors barely visible under front bumper) with speaker and hidden display in rear view mirror. Paint Protection Film (PPF) on front half of car (all highly exposed surfaces). The red striping is removable. It was added by the previous owner, and I chose to leave them on as I thought they tied together nicely with the interior and the calipers.

I had this in Washington DC, and moved it with me to NYC this winter. Not winter/snow driven, garaged and covered the whole time up here. Comes with the McLaren soft cover (for garage use). I don't drive it as much here, so that's the only reason I'm selling it. It's an absolute raw supercar drive when you put the pedal down, and having tried the new Artura for a 2 hour test drive to me it's more fun and more sporty (the new Artura is too refined, almost a little boring). It's easier to get in-and-out of than the older 650S (much lower carbon fiber tub sills), which makes it great for daily driving. I mostly used it for weekend trips and Cars and Coffee. You will get a LOT of attention no matter where you go with this car, especially whenever kids see it! Their parents try to act more civilized, but it usually shines through. The only thing that has gone wrong so far was a leaking coolant overflow tank/reservoir (where you fill coolant), which was replaced under warranty. McLaren extended warranty until end of December 2022 (can be extended further). Bought from and only serviced at McLaren Philadelphia.