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1st Delivery?

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Has anyone taken delivery yet?
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when I was at the Manchester Dealership last week, they reckoned their first customer cars were coming in early-August.
Ouch, guess that is a two plus month delay.
Don't think so Scott, mine was due next week but now mid Sept
That's too bad, was hoping to see it at Wilton House.
Has there been a sightening of an owners car on the road yet?
90%sure,as it has been showing on the computer for 10 days,and ive paid up,but the bank holiday has got in the way,should know more tmw
Assume it will be a Sept regs?

Any chance of it being at Chelsea AutoLegends?
yes it will be now!
cannot make london next weekend,anything else your involved in further North?
After Chelsea the next few I am involved in are:

Goodwood Revival Sept 17
Jaguar Supercars Silverstone Sept 18
Supercar run in Devon Sept 24/25
Having said that I've probably never regretted a decision more than cancelling my car but had I not done so and then today there being yet another 10 day delay I think I'd have been banging on Ron's door baying for blood let alone paddock passes!
:( didn't realize you had cancelled. Anything else planned as a replacement?
Hi Scott

I'm down for a 458 Spider but not sure when it wil come, later next Year, also down for the 12C Spider. I'll probably wait until the Spring now and decide then, maybe another 599 or California until one of the Spiders arrives
I missed the boat on the 458 Spider and have also decided to wait until the spring to see what comes up on the Mega Mac etc. A 430 Scuderia is becoming more tempting for the short term as well.
Per your topic on the other site. A Scud would be a good daily for your taste. A fair less amount of attention at the grocery run.
Should be able to get a weeks worth of groceries in the front boot.:D
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