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This project belongs to my friend @360trev and is shaping up to be a very special 12c.

Currently is has lots of modifications on including:

12C Sprint Front Carbon Bumper with diffuser and downforce winglets
12C Sprint Front Carbon Louvered Wings
12C Sprint Front Mount raditor (Extra Cooling and pipework)
12C Sprint High Downforce Rear Fixed Racing Wing
12C Sprint Carbon Door Cards (airbag delete)
12C Sprint Carbon Steering Wheel with MSO Extended Carbon Paddles (airbag delete)
12C Carbon Engine Side Covers
12C Carbon Wiper Cowl
12C Carbon Door Mirror Covers
12C Carbon Rear Diffuser
12C Carbon Interior (factory fitted option)
12C Soft Closure Door Solenoid Swap
MSO Carbon Door Entrace Sills
12C Aftermarket Akropovic Titanimum Exhaust
675LT Lightweight Factory Alloys
675LT Lightweight Wheel Lugs (Titanium)
675LT Lightweight Carbon Seats
675LT Lightweight Carbon Ceramic Brakes and Calipers <to be installed>
675LT Lightweight Rear Lexan Window <to be installed>
675LT Carbon Engine Intake Top Covers
675LT Titanium Oil & Coolant Caps

The 12c GT Sprint was McLarens answer to Porsche 911 GT3 Cup and Ferrari 458 Challenge. So there is a lot of aero involved in this kit. The front HVAC has had to be moved to accomodate the front bonnet air dam and we are doing the finishing touches on installing the rear wing with special race adjustable McLaren brackets.

Once the bodywork is completed will be looking to improve the performance of the car with some nice custom engine and ecu modifications.

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who made the front bumper/splitter assembly?
anyway to get pics of the bottom and front undertray area?
This is all going on at a McLaren authorized official bodyshop in the UK - the parts are all genuine factory McLaren GT series racing and are full carbon fiber (or from the 675LT). I'm cherry picking the best upgrades first.

This will be a road legal track day car mainly but I have a lot of special upgrades planned including full carbon door panels (again from the racer ) and plenty of weight reduction and performance bits. So many too much to list here..

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Currently running stock suspension. It has LT675 wheels and the better handling from the offset of the wheels.

We may tune the suspension ECU to 675LT spec.

Some other interesting mods to come which have never been done before !

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Still missing tonnes of parts yet to be fitted including carbon rear quarter windows replaced with sprint fuel fillers

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

And the rear quarter window replacement parts..

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Lexan rear glass to follow too..

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