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12C thoroughly upstages 991 911

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Last night my girlfriend and I went to the local unveil of the new 911, and at the request of my dealer, I drove the 12C. Of course, a crowd immediately formed around the car when we arrived, and my dealer had me park near the entrance. But hilariously, the Porsche regional rep demanded I move my car to the back of the dealership because, "it was too distracting". While I completely appreciate his perspective - we were there to see his new car - I found it incredibly funny that he had to have my car moved.

And people still just walked to the back of the building to check it out.

And as for the new 911, I dig it - love the new styling tweaks. The front end slats actually look like they may have been pinched from the 12C, the rear end looks quite clean, and the sunroof is unbelievably well concealed. I'm just waiting on the new Turbo to buy one.
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hahah, your dealer was playing with fire!
Am sure he was told off by his reg manager lol!
Like I said, UNDERSTATED!!

New 911 looks nice - saw my first in the flesh last week.
When to a similar local unveil of 991 as well and we showed up in a friend's 458. Talk about rock star experience, we probably talked to more people than the porsche sales rep.
Back to 991, after a short spirited test drive, my friend and I were completely sold and we ended up coming home with order sheets. This is going to be a new DD until turbo becomes available.
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