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Interesting thread that started over on Pistonheads regarding 458 spider, but which has developed into a used 12C spider topic:

Scroll down to Aplolo1 and beyond.

Doesn't bode well for any of us owners !!
I think it is amazing that even Mclaren dealers would not even give him a bid on the car, just shows what little faith they have in their cars.
Mclaren have made a complete pigs ear of the sales and marketing, how does it look to potential owners when even the dealers have no faith in the brand. Mclaren need to build the brand and if that means buying up cars to support the market in the short term until more people realise what a great car they have produced then they should get on with it, yes it may cost them money now, but they must play the long game here, If no people buy new cars, which they won't with values as is, then the manufacturer is no more, sad fact but investors want to see long term growth and will not continue to bank roll indefinitely.
They should have held back the spider, concentrated on getting the coupe right along the P1 and sorted their marketing out, raise brand awareness so that it was desired . They seem arrogant to the plight of existing owners and have ploughed on regardless, their business plan was drawn up when the world was a different place to today and they should have reacted to this change. The early adopters were great supporters of Mclaren as a brand you could trust to get it right, I wonder how many, including myself would have bought onto the brand with hindsight
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