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Angus' quibble on the steering wheel and profile being piggish are a bit wacky, IMO.

One issue is the myriad of control stalks on the steering column. In total McLaren has placed six levers on the column, three per side, not including shifter paddles. The shift paddles by the way, are positioned at 3 and 9 o’clock. For someone who is used to driving at 10 and 2 like myself, this position requires some adjustment, otherwise you'll find yourself continually having to move your hands down the wheel to blip the gearbox.

Another minor issue with the 12C is the unconventional steering wheel design. Beautifully wrapped in leather with carbon fiber spokes, it's ideal for guiding the 12C about, but the grip of the wheel is for some reason tapered on the trailing edge towards the dash instead of being round. I'm not sure what the rationale was behind the design, but after driving the car for 48 hours I found it to be oddly uncomfortable.
Aesthetically, the car is a photographer’s wet dream. With the exception of the nose, which I find a bit piggish on profile,
That said, he ultimately came to the right conclusion:
Mind you the 12C’s lack of luggage space and hefty price tag makes the argument a tad more difficult, but given the choice of this or a Ferrari 458, I would take the 12C hands down.
Kuddos for him linking to this:

Thanks for the post Drifter!
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