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12C Art - Sculpture

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When I saw this guy's work on Jalopnik, of a yellow 911, I figured I'd give him a chance. I love unique art. This is the piece he just finished for me - he's delivering it this weekend.

This way I get my graphite grey 12C for the road, and a sexy volcano orange 12C for the home.


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My only criticism and probably because just I don’t get it, is why doesn’t he paint the nuts to match the panel area?

Love the sculpture, but the nuts just annoy me and I would have to paint them to blend in.

One of my (purchased and not created) automotive sculptures

Metal Brass Copper Auto part Fashion accessory
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Yep scale not apparent from photo.

About 24 inches long.

This is another piece I purchased from Kananti in Belgium, this is full sized, over 6 foot tall!

C-3po Fictional character Art Sculpture Metal
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