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1000hp McLaren 720S goes 1/2 mile racing in Germany on an airfield "Race 1000" style!

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Run number/seconds/km/h

1) 15.485 @302.52
2) 15.294 @300.00
3) 15.748 @245.56 ~lifted obviously.
4) 15.065 @301.50
5) 16.385 @301.00
6) 15.067 @305.86<馃敟

Incredible platform.
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Not bad , who tuned it ?

My halfmile record is 14.7seconds without launch mode @ 321.79 km/h (200mph)
I can find out my friend it's a video that came out awhile ago and apparently everyone missed it!

You did 322km/h OMG!馃槻

Have you got a video? I'd Love to know the 100/200/300km/h!

You must be pushing out 1000hp ATW!
Oh my bad , I thought this was you. I have all the dragy GPS data and stuff for the runs yes. I did 200mph(322km/h) 5 times over 2 days of testing .
I wish it was me LOL! But that's incredible consistency. It's a rocket. Well done.馃檪
Can you post the Dragy data, it would be great to see all the acceleration numbers up to 200mph.
Yeah definitely second that those are McLaren Speedtail numbers in acceleration from memory.

If it can do 200MPH in 1/2 a mile, in 1 mile, well I'll leave that to you guys but 240MPH wouldn't be far off!馃檪
I don't believe the stock aero on a 720s would get above 225 mph, with 1000hp, but i would love to see it :)

I did manage to get a bit more, but using a different platform.

View attachment 228007
225MPH is very fast still again. But 238MPH is a completely different kettle of fish! Wow!

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My car has 1100whp on the 75shot of nitrous. So we'll over 1000hp . I'll post dragy slip
Thanks. Incredible machines.
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How did you get any traction in 34F, below 100 mph?

I have a Renntech AMG GTR with 800+ HP and she spins up to 80 mph, if the temps are below 70F.
Just, for a minute, coming back to 238. Don't tell me you did that on two wheels man!馃檪
Yes, the bike is geared for 270 mph to try to reduce wheelspin from the Pirelli slick rear tire, but unfortunately i cant get over 238 mph keeps spinning, even if i just roll-on the throttle in top gear from 100 mph. (which takes 8 seconds)

I have tried over a dozen times.
Wow! I had an inkling man. I'm a "closet" biker (馃槀) I used to read Fast Bikes Magazine and one of the riders was called Sean Emmet and he was a privateer on a Harris Yamaha in GP500 many many moons ago. I read about them for years and watched WSB too! Anyway as a teenager my parents were like, not happening! LOL!

But one last question is that a turbocharged Hayabusa? And what we talking 1/2 mile!~ Thanks.
Its a modified Ninja H2, head / cams / supercharger gears / billet intercooler etc.. 400HP

No 1/2 mile #'s, but 1/4 mile 7.9 secs @ 180mph
A Kawasaki? Wow! Thanks.
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