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1000hp McLaren 720S goes 1/2 mile racing in Germany on an airfield "Race 1000" style!

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Run number/seconds/km/h

1) 15.485 @302.52
2) 15.294 @300.00
3) 15.748 @245.56 ~lifted obviously.
4) 15.065 @301.50
5) 16.385 @301.00
6) 15.067 @305.86<馃敟

Incredible platform.
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Not bad , who tuned it ?

My halfmile record is 14.7seconds without launch mode @ 321.79 km/h (200mph)
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I can find out my friend it's a video that came out awhile ago and apparently everyone missed it!

You did 322km/h OMG!馃槻

Have you got a video? I'd Love to know the 100/200/300km/h!

You must be pushing out 1000hp ATW!
Oh my bad , I thought this was you. I have all the dragy GPS data and stuff for the runs yes. I did 200mph(322km/h) 5 times over 2 days of testing .
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I don't believe the stock aero on a 720s would get above 225 mph, with 1000hp, but i would love to see it :)

I did manage to get a bit more, but using a different platform.

View attachment 228007

My car has 1100whp on the 75shot of nitrous. So we'll over 1000hp . I'll post dragy slip
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Can you post the Dragy data, it would be great to see all the acceleration numbers up to 200mph.
Here is one of the slips , I did refine the tune another step and my 60-130 is down to 3.41 and 100-150 is 3.02 .

Also this is an 8 second car in the 1/4 but I'm on the street and just rolling off the line not using launch mode .

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