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  1. Swapping out ECU's to avoid warranty-issues?

    McLaren 570S
    I really want to get a ECU tune for my 570S, but the car still has warranty till 2021. Is there any chance to get a tune, without avoiding the warranty? I thought of buying a second ECU and swapping it out, should there be any issues in the future... Anybody done this before or can get me any...
  2. Paint Bubbling on roof - 2017 570S, 2800 miles, Storm Grey paint.

    McLaren 570S
    Hey all, new member and new McLaren owner. Last week I bought a used 2017 McLaren 570S from my local Mclaren dealer - didn't notice the bubbles in the paint. I have since noticed the flaw and inquired as to if they would be a warranty issue (1 year left on factory warranty), sent them images...