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  1. (P14) McLaren 720S
    Had a couple of 600LTs, both had the track telemetry pack, one with the cameras, one without. my 720 has neither, but wondering if the software alone can be installed / enabled? has anyone installed it on a car that didn’t come with the option? Thx
  2. New Members & Car Anticipation
    Hi Guys, Choko Mc here, I bought my 650s a couple of months ago and I recently moved to California (Irvine) from Florida (Kissimmee). I'm looking forward to getting involved with the car scene and the McLaren community and wanted to know if there are any meets around the area (SD to LA) and...
  3. McLaren Owners Lounge
    Looking to find out if there are any type of track events coming up (anywhere in USA) where they supply the car (Mclaren). If not, any driving schools or programs people recommend in general. Thanks
  4. (P14) McLaren 720S
    Laptime comparison and data analysis of a 720S vs 600LT, both on GoodYear Supercar 3R tires. They are very close in times:
  5. (P13) McLaren 570S
    This question is for those who attend track days (aka HPDE's), or otherwise having fun on a track which is not covered by your road-going insurance carrier. For a vehicle of the 570S's value, this insurance is about $500-1000 per weekend, with a $5000 deductible. Do you pay for track...
  6. (P14) McLaren 720S
    Hey guys, so we recently got our 720s, it's amazing, as you all know. We have the track telemetry pack, i've figured out how to export the videos and files to a USB but I can't figure out how to get them to be seen by the windows telemetry app so I can do a deeper dive into the data. Any help...
1-6 of 6 Results