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  1. McLaren Lounge
    Morning chaps. First post. Progressing the purchase of a 650s Spider in Portugal from an independent dealer. Nearest McLaren centre is in Spain, which is where I've been told the car has been serviced. Planning to call McLaren Spain today and check the warranty length, possibility and cost of...
  2. New Members & Car Anticipation
    What’s your thoughts on the price of 650s? A year ago they where selling for 20k less then they are today. Do you think they will dip back down again come spring when people start to buy and sell their cars more?
  3. (P11) McLaren 650S
    Hello everyone, I introduce myself I am French and new to the forum and the McLaren universe. I owned an R8 V10 Plus MkII and would like to switch to McLaren from now on. So I am looking for a 650S Coupe or Spider and I need you to help me. I have always owned coupes (I often prefer the line)...
  4. (P14) McLaren 765LT
    Through youtube and journalists we've been privileged to see a lot of early content on a car that hasn't been delivered yet even to the best of collectors. I think the main takeaways from this car are the numerous options that have been made available to owners and the world renowned MSO program...
  5. (P13) McLaren 600LT
    Hello, I'm looking to buy a 600LT Spider. What I have noticed at the dealers around me is that an awful lot of cars come back with very low mileage. Also, the stories are not always right. One was sold, came back, and was advertised as demonstrator. I know it was sold. Question: Has anyone...
1-5 of 5 Results