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  1. Just spent 380 k 2020 720. :(

    McLaren 720S
    Just bought one of these, love it ... until I took it to ceramic pro dealer to get it clear bra and coating and tint.. but they would not touch my dam car because of the paint defects it has... the car has less than 100 miles on it and this is pretty disturbing to find the quality of these cars...
  2. Paint Bubbling on roof - 2017 570S, 2800 miles, Storm Grey paint.

    McLaren 570S
    Hey all, new member and new McLaren owner. Last week I bought a used 2017 McLaren 570S from my local Mclaren dealer - didn't notice the bubbles in the paint. I have since noticed the flaw and inquired as to if they would be a warranty issue (1 year left on factory warranty), sent them images...