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  1. Cockpit Noises? McLaren 570s Spyder

    McLaren Lounge
    Anyone have issues with the following? (2020 McLaren 570s Spyder) 1) Very loud "whine" in the cockpit related to power steering pump/hydraulic fluid pressure? 2) "Clunking" noise (to the left and behind the driver seat - US car), over rough road or under heavy acceleration? 3) Metal:Metal...
  2. Noise at low speed and rattling/knocking noise

    McLaren 540C
    Hi. Hopefully someone can help. I picked up a 2017/67 540c today with 7,700 miles. I noticed on uneven road and when going over cats eyes the front suspension makes a clunk but this isn’t my main concern.... about half hour ago a very worrying noise started. It only happens at very low speed...