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  1. (P11) McLaren MP4-12C
    This is a gen 1 battery. Works flawlessly. Always on a trickle charger. I replaced it as a preventative measure since I am not near a dealer. Asking $1,000 plus shipping.
  2. (P11) McLaren MP4-12C
    Is there any way to tell if the 12C you purchased had received the power upgrade from McLaren taking it from 592 to 616 HP? And if it hasn’t, is it too late? I bought my car a few months ago, and it has the IRIS system upgraded (backup camera, etc.), but I’m not sure if it received the power...
  3. (P11) McLaren MP4-12C
    Well hello.. ive been looking for mp4-12c vorsteiner aero kit, knew that they not make one for the car anymore. Really appreciate it if anyone can help find, used condition or new old stock or even a copy 😁 Thanks guys, DM me for any clue 😉
1-3 of 4 Results