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  1. Where did the used cars go?

    McLaren 650S
    Currently in the USA, spider & coupe, there are: 33 --- MP4-12c ...for sale 27 --- 650s ...for sale 173 --- 720s ... for sale Why are there so much fewer Mp4-12c and 650s than 720s? Did they all break or get scrapped? It's like they vanished off the place of the world. Surly not every owner...
  2. MP4-12C PDC

    McLaren Super Series
    Hey guys and girls, Recently bought my second 12C Spider in Volcano Red. Since today my front park Distance control started acting up. Everytime i slow down to around 10 km/h it starts constantly beeping even though there are no objects near me. Any advice? Kind regards
  3. please delete

    Super Series
    Mods please delete, thank you
  4. FS: 2012 McLaren MP4-12C Project Alpha, Chassis #3 of 6, McLaren Orange, ~9800 miles, $337k MSRP

    Super Series
    2012 McLaren MP4-12C "Project Alpha" Chassis #3 of 6 VIN: SBM11AAA9CW001686 Mileage: ~9800 miles We've been thinking about picking up a 675LT and therefore looking into selling our Project Alpha 12C which currently only has ~9800 miles on it. We are the second owner. The car has been...
  5. Can't Make a Career Change Decision. Usually an Excellent Decision Maker.

    McLaren Lounge
    Good day to everyone. I'm posting to you to consult you on what my next step in life should be. I was the owner of a 2014 MP4-12C Spider that I crashed in January 2017 back then when I was a medical student. Since then, I was not able to be active online because I have joined Neurosurgery...
  6. FS: 2012 McLaren MP4-12C coupe, ~5K miles, McLaren Orange, MSO Stage 1, IRIS2, rear camera, carbon everywhere

    Super Series
    Original 12C coupe with swipe doors and all the updates. Destined to become a classic as the first car made by McLaren since the legendary F1, signifying the revival of the brand. Currently has ~5K miles and gently driven all of its life, launch control never used. Sparkly-clean CarFax...
  7. McLaren 12c

    McLaren MP4-12C
    hey guys Idid change the front fave of mp4-12 to 650s when he change front light to check it working after we remove old 12c lamp we change to 650s lamp i start only the Elctronic not the car the fan start working First time it happened and then after the lift face from 12c to 650s I...
  8. Official MP4-12C Picture Thread

    McLaren MP4-12C
    Nominating a single thread for pics. I'll start things off with a couple of recent photos of PP11 on flickr: Wow, wow, wow! :)