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  1. Super Series
    Hey folks. Sold my 12c coupe and have some stuff laying around. Factory Indoor Cover - Black with bag. Comes with unused straps and clips to secure cover underneath the vehicle. $500 Covercraft Noah All Weather Cover - Gray with cool strorage bag - minor stains around wheels from tire shine...
  2. Super Series
    MSO titanium Water Cap in brand new condition for MP4-12C (will also fit 650S). In original MSO box with “McLaren Special Operations” on the outside and “Every Part Tells A Story” on the inside. Incredibly rare. £450 plus postage from New Zealand.
  3. McLaren 650S
    Expanding my search for a McLaren to include a 650s. I'm tall so I'm looking for a coupe specifically (not a Le Mans). Do you have a well cared for 650s that you would consider letting go, or know someone who does? Please let me know. Fingers crossed that a well optioned 650s or mp4-12c...
  4. McLaren MP4-12C
    Hey Guys, I have x2 front wheels for sale from my Mclaren MP4-12C. Excellent condition, just had them refurbished privately, professionally and they look brand new! Even the inside of the rim is all completely immaculate. I am in the UK, can arrange a courier around the UK. Alternatively...
  5. McLaren MP4-12C
    Looking to connect with the owners of these cars, if anyone knows who they are please connect us. Thanks, Chris
  6. Super Series
    Looking for a clean 12C, strong preference for Graphite Gray/black with an active warranty. I was pretty far down the path to purchasing #6 of the project alpha cars but decided to pass after the pre purchase inspection came back. Special thanks to Ziff for the extra info on that particular...
  7. New Members & Car Anticipation
    Hey all, I just bought my first McLaren today! I'm from the Bay area in Cali. 2012 mp4-12C coupe, with bumper and hood damage... I'm stoked and have loved these cars since I first set eyes on the F1. I'm going to have the rebuild and some maintenance filmed and would appreciate any advice...
  8. McLaren MP4-12C
    I put a deposit down on a 2013 MP4 Spyder with 8,000 miles. (Killer price I believe at $105k, I’ve looked for over 6 months) Just had its 7 year in November 2020, 2 new tires, oil, air filter..However, I found out some minor things were not done. being that this is my first McLaren and the most...
  9. McLaren MP4-12C
    The car usually started on the second crank with a jumpy idle and excessive exhaust smoke. Engine cranks, but won't start, I tried to start it in Extreme cold -7 and it was parked outside for 2-3 days in negative -0 weather, could that have created an issue with a seal? Is there any way I can...
  10. McLaren MP4-12C
    I've just over 12,000 miles on my 2014 MP412C and while they have plenty of tread, the date codes are way beyond the safe zone. Obviously I drive like a wuss, but give me a break, I'm 70 years old. So should I just replace the PZero's or go with something else? I never track it and frankly...
  11. McLaren Owners Car club
    Hi everyone! I have a minor problem with my engine M838T on Mclaren MP4 12C. I need to know the name of this part in engine. What is the name of this part which should be here? I can't find.
  12. Super Series
    Hey everyone, I am in need of a single rear rim (20") for my MP4-12C. Need the factory 11J (Penis wheels) to match the current set on the car. Please post or DM if you are looking to part ways with one! Thank you
  13. Fabspeed Motorsport
    What a year so far! Wheeeeew! Let's take a collective deep breath and not breathe out because its not a good time for that but make sure you bring you and your McLaren by to pay us a visit this year....It's Fabspeed Motorsports Annual Open House.
  14. New Members & Car Anticipation
    Hello, New member and have a really odd question. Is there anyone on here from Austin that owns a 12C? Currently looking at one to purchase and need to see if anyone would be willing to come by my house to see if the car would make it up my driveway! LOL, it's absurd I know but I would be...
  15. Super Series
    Long time lurker I'm sorry to say - never felt I have anything worthy to input! :) I took this plate off my 12C when I sold it earlier this year and traded it in for a 650s having bought it a few years earlier.... Great plate for a 12C I think you'll agree! Not looking for some ridiculous...
  16. Super Series
    Here is your chance to own a two-piece custom luggage set from Hillsalive. I have owned these since approximately 2015. They have only been used on a couple of occasions. Although the set was designed for the MP4-12C, it may work with other models. For convenience, storage is accomplished by...
  17. McLaren MP4-12C
    I have a mclaren MP4-12c. The issue I’m having is with my dash cluster. The cluster and display works fine when the car is in accessory mode, but then the car is started it constantly turns on for a second, then reboots. This just repeats over and over. I have scanned over and over looking for...
  18. McLaren 650S
    Currently in the USA, spider & coupe, there are: 33 --- MP4-12c ...for sale 27 --- 650s ...for sale 173 --- 720s ... for sale Why are there so much fewer Mp4-12c and 650s than 720s? Did they all break or get scrapped? It's like they vanished off the place of the world. Surly not every owner...
  19. McLaren Super Series
    Hey guys and girls, Recently bought my second 12C Spider in Volcano Red. Since today my front park Distance control started acting up. Everytime i slow down to around 10 km/h it starts constantly beeping even though there are no objects near me. Any advice? Kind regards
  20. Super Series
    Mods please delete, thank you
1-20 of 25 Results