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  1. Fabspeed Motorsport Open House 2020 Has Returned

    Fabspeed Motorsport
    What a year so far! Wheeeeew! Let's take a collective deep breath and not breathe out because its not a good time for that but make sure you bring you and your McLaren by to pay us a visit this year....It's Fabspeed Motorsports Annual Open House.
  2. Any 12C Owners from Austin Tx?

    New Members & Car Anticipation
    Hello, New member and have a really odd question. Is there anyone on here from Austin that owns a 12C? Currently looking at one to purchase and need to see if anyone would be willing to come by my house to see if the car would make it up my driveway! LOL, it's absurd I know but I would be...
  3. MP4-12C UK Private plate/registration number for sale 'MC12 MPC'

    Super Series
    Long time lurker I'm sorry to say - never felt I have anything worthy to input! :) I took this plate off my 12C when I sold it earlier this year and traded it in for a 650s having bought it a few years earlier.... Great plate for a 12C I think you'll agree! Not looking for some ridiculous...
  4. For Sale: MP4-12c Bespoke custom luggage from Hillsalive

    Super Series
    Here is your chance to own a two-piece custom luggage set from Hillsalive. I have owned these since approximately 2015. They have only been used on a couple of occasions. Although the set was designed for the MP4-12C, it may work with other models. For convenience, storage is accomplished by...
  5. 12c Instrument Cluster Repeatedly Rebooting

    McLaren MP4-12C
    I have a mclaren MP4-12c. The issue I’m having is with my dash cluster. The cluster and display works fine when the car is in accessory mode, but then the car is started it constantly turns on for a second, then reboots. This just repeats over and over. I have scanned over and over looking for...
  6. Where did the used cars go?

    McLaren 650S
    Currently in the USA, spider & coupe, there are: 33 --- MP4-12c ...for sale 27 --- 650s ...for sale 173 --- 720s ... for sale Why are there so much fewer Mp4-12c and 650s than 720s? Did they all break or get scrapped? It's like they vanished off the place of the world. Surly not every owner...
  7. MP4-12C PDC

    McLaren Super Series
    Hey guys and girls, Recently bought my second 12C Spider in Volcano Red. Since today my front park Distance control started acting up. Everytime i slow down to around 10 km/h it starts constantly beeping even though there are no objects near me. Any advice? Kind regards
  8. please delete

    Super Series
    Mods please delete, thank you
  9. FS: 2012 McLaren MP4-12C Project Alpha, Chassis #3 of 6, McLaren Orange, ~9800 miles, $337k MSRP

    Super Series
    2012 McLaren MP4-12C "Project Alpha" Chassis #3 of 6 VIN: SBM11AAA9CW001686 Mileage: ~9800 miles We've been thinking about picking up a 675LT and therefore looking into selling our Project Alpha 12C which currently only has ~9800 miles on it. We are the second owner. The car has been...
  10. Can't Make a Career Change Decision. Usually an Excellent Decision Maker.

    McLaren Lounge
    Good day to everyone. I'm posting to you to consult you on what my next step in life should be. I was the owner of a 2014 MP4-12C Spider that I crashed in January 2017 back then when I was a medical student. Since then, I was not able to be active online because I have joined Neurosurgery...
  11. FS: 2012 McLaren MP4-12C coupe, ~5K miles, McLaren Orange, MSO Stage 1, IRIS2, rear camera, carbon everywhere

    Super Series
    Original 12C coupe with swipe doors and all the updates. Destined to become a classic as the first car made by McLaren since the legendary F1, signifying the revival of the brand. Currently has ~5K miles and gently driven all of its life, launch control never used. Sparkly-clean CarFax...
  12. McLaren 12c

    McLaren MP4-12C
    hey guys Idid change the front fave of mp4-12 to 650s when he change front light to check it working after we remove old 12c lamp we change to 650s lamp i start only the Elctronic not the car the fan start working First time it happened and then after the lift face from 12c to 650s I...
  13. Official MP4-12C Picture Thread

    McLaren MP4-12C
    Nominating a single thread for pics. I'll start things off with a couple of recent photos of PP11 on flickr: Wow, wow, wow! :)