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  1. McLaren Owners Car club
    Hello, New to the forum and just acquired a mclaren 675LT with 5,000km.. hopefully I can add value, learn, and just wanted to say hi.. fun fact: my Mclaren came with 499 plaque but it was a 222 car, when I contacted dealer they sent me the 222 plaque below are some picture, very active on...
  2. McLaren Owners Lounge
    Hi , I am currently on the market looking for a 675lt. Does anyone suggest it as a good investment car as they coupes are still around that 250-280k range. I sense a large value in the long run for this car. Also any owners experience any issues during their ownership time?
  3. McLaren Lounge
    Hey! I have a buyer looking for a 675LT Spider. Any owners looking to sell? Send me a message, thanks!
1-3 of 3 Results