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  1. Sport Series
    Approx 7k miles. Second owner, no modifications. CF interior, nose lift. Orange accents. I bought the extended warranty through McLaren Boston in 2021 which expires this summer can be transferred to new owner (or upon inspection it should be eligible for you to buy extended coverage). Not yet...
    $205,000 USD
  2. (P13) McLaren 570S
    Alarm went off at 1am last night, which due to battery depletion. Assume it's to protect against disconnecting the battery before stealing the car. Car did not respond to the remote (tried both keys), but alarm siren stopped after 10 minutes. I opened the trunk through the emergency release...
  3. Sport Series
    So i had this POS for 4 months now and ive been getting faults after faults. I did tune the car S2 DME, but many others have had no issues with just downpipes and tune especially from DME, I kept getting stutters in the engine and rpm were bouncing when i floor it then the CEL comes on (blinks...
  4. McLaren Lounge
    Hello Everybody From We are pleased to present our McLaren Automotive Diagnostic Tool. Specially designed for our customers who work with high-end sports cars in their workshops. The software is very user friendly with straight forward functions. We also have a...
  5. (P13) McLaren 570S
    I have a 570s and the air conditioning is non existent. It blows out hot air regardless of settings or temperature. can you just re-gas the system like a normal car or is something broken ????
  6. (P13) McLaren 570S
    Hey guys. I'm a new McLaren owner, and purchased a Stealth Gray 570S last week and was delivered to me Thursday. It was raining all week so my first chance to drive the car was this past Sunday. On the first drive on the highway, BOTH sides of the lower front bumper covers flew off. I had...
  7. (P13) McLaren 570S
    Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself. Tim here in Michigan, US. I'm a long time fan of McLaren (who really isn't??). I've had a few fun cars over the years but most have been Vipers. Although one of my Vipers will never leave my garage, I'm definitely excited to have a very different car...
1-7 of 7 Results