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  1. Other Road Cars (SLR, M6GT, M81)
    Working in partnership with Ice Performance in Scottsdale, Arizona this W463A G-Class was fitted with one of HRE’s more iconic wheels – the 540. The 540 was re-realeased in 2018 to celebrate HRE’s 40th anniversary. It is available with three different lip types and for this occasion the client...
  2. Other Road Cars (SLR, M6GT, M81)
    It’s never too late to update your 463 G-Class. This particular G550 customer went all out with his refresh: HRE TR109’s, off-road Nitto tires, Brembo brake upgrade kit, Mansory headlights, & full Hamann Spyridon widebody kit with carbon fiber hood included. All purchased & installed right here...
1-2 of 2 Results