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  1. (P14) McLaren 720S
    Hello, Looking to buy my first McLaren, it's a 2018 720s luxury pack. I plan to pick it up in a couple of days, but it's not from a Mclaren dealer. The car is in Norcal and I want to have it inspected by a Mclaren dealer, I have heard the 720s is a monster but it comes with some possible...
  2. McLaren Grand Tourer Series
    I bought my 2020 GT about a month ago from Mclaren seattle and my warranty expires around next month. Would you guys recommend buying more warranty? I feel like the GT is much more reliable than other mclarens and im debating whether its worth 6k a year for peace of mind. And with warranty does...
  3. McLaren Lounge
    Morning chaps. First post. Progressing the purchase of a 650s Spider in Portugal from an independent dealer. Nearest McLaren centre is in Spain, which is where I've been told the car has been serviced. Planning to call McLaren Spain today and check the warranty length, possibility and cost of...
  4. (P11) McLaren MP4-12C
    Just got a letter from McLaren reminding me that my 2012 12C's Extended Service Contract (warranty) is up for its final renewal. It can be renewed for either one or two final years. (2013s have another year, obviously.) Any thoughts, recommendations or opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. McLaren Lounge
    Just a heads up that Assurant Extended Warranty underwriters don't believe that the front suspension struts/dampers are a critical part of the suspension system and will not cover them if they fail due to leakage. Apparently, they feel that they are a consumable item similar to a shock absorber...
  6. (P13) McLaren 540C
    Is there a limit to how many claims I can file with total auto protect? Just curious if they put a limit. I know I pay my deductible each time though. I have a 540C
1-6 of 6 Results