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  1. McLaren Super Series
    I have a 570GT and decided to get a BlackVue DR900X-2CH dashcam. It arrived today and the front camera is quite large. I was expecting both front and rear to be closer to the size of the rear. This changes where I want to mount the front camera and how I want to run the cable to the rear camera...
  2. (P13) McLaren 570GT
    Hi I've taken my first step into the world of McLaren, just purchased a 570GT (taking delivery on Friday as I'm traveling atm). I've followed McLaren for years and with all the Porsche and Lotus Emira delays I suddenly wondered if a pre-owned McLaren was possible. And it was. Still feels...
  3. (P13) McLaren 570GT
    I have been scouring the forum for recommendations for a front/rear (not car interior) dashcam setup for the 570GT. Has anyone figured out a good solution (basically want a setup that will not only record when driving, but could also record when parked for security purposes)? As an example, I...
1-3 of 3 Results