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  1. (P11) McLaren MP4-12C
    Hey everyone My 12C has this weird quirk where the AC only blows cold after I hit boost. It’ll stay cold for an average of 10 mins before going back to just blowing warm air. That is until I give it the sauce again and it goes back to cold air. Has anybody else encountered this issue and/or have...
  2. (P14) McLaren 720S
    What’s up folks! Tonight since I was driving my 720s, I found it was barely hot inside. Later on found my climate system was not working. I parked in a plaza and restarted the car, still have the problem. Later on, on my way home, I found there a error message on my battery “Battery fault “...
  3. (P13) McLaren 570S
    I have a 570s and the air conditioning is non existent. It blows out hot air regardless of settings or temperature. can you just re-gas the system like a normal car or is something broken ????
  4. Sport Series
    I’ve got an Ac compressor and an alternator removed from a 2018 570s under 1000 miles. These should also work for 12c,650,675Lt $500+shipping and PayPal fees for both. Willing to split up
1-4 of 4 Results