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  1. New 600LT Owner

    McLaren 600LT
    Hey guys, I just wanted to introduce myself, names Mike and I live in Virginia. If anyone else is in VA/NC/DC/MD area let me know, as I would love to meet up one weekend. I have had my 600LT for 10 days now and I absolutely LOVE it - I've already put almost 600 miles on it. Only issue so far is...
  2. 600LT - quality issues

    McLaren 600LT
    Hello, I'm looking to buy a 600LT Spider. What I have noticed at the dealers around me is that an awful lot of cars come back with very low mileage. Also, the stories are not always right. One was sold, came back, and was advertised as demonstrator. I know it was sold. Question: Has anyone...
  3. HRE's 2019 SEMA Reveal - Brand New 2-Piece S1SC Series

    McLaren 570S
    HRE just keeps surprising & impressing us time & time again. One of the perks of being HRE’s largest dealer in the world for over 15 years straight is that we get some inside knowledge of what they are developing before it actually releases. We were told a multi-piece version of their P1SC...
  4. Question: 600LT vs 570S/GT?

    McLaren Lounge
    Whats up everyone, I hope ya'll are having a good day. I'm new to the forum here and in need of some advice for a potential purchase. In about 3-4 weeks, I will be pulling the trigger on a new car and have had my sights on the McLaren for a while. Fell in love with the F1 GTR since I was a kid...
  5. Fistral Blue Spider – A 600LT on ANRKY Retro Series Wheels by Wheels Boutique

    McLaren 600LT
    The ANRKY Retro Series trend continues – this time on a Fistral Blue McLaren 600LT Spider. By setting this Brit up with wider wheels & lower offsets it allowed for the RS1’s to be manufactured with a nicely sized lip/deep dish which is making a comeback. The finish combination is one of the...
  6. 20 Years of Wheels Boutique - Introducing Our New Facility & YouTube Channel

    McLaren 600LT
    This year marked our 20th year in business & thanks to all of you we were able to celebrate the occasion by moving into a brand new state-of-the-art facility in the heart of Miami. During our Open House a few weeks back we had hundreds of friends & fans clamoring for us to take the next step in...
  7. FS: Ryft Decat Exhaust, 650S, 600LT, 12C & more

    Sport Series
    Selling a set of Ryft decatted downpipes in stainless steel. Extremely high quality and minimal usage. These downpipes will fit any 3.8L engine such as the 570S, 650S, 675LT, 600LT, and 12C. MSRP is $2800 + tax & shipping. Selling for $1850 + shipping. Video of the exhaust below.
  8. 600LT compared to 570S jerky into 1st

    McLaren Sport Series
    Anyone feel a bit of a click/jerk when the car engages the gear in 1st? I had a 570s, and it has a clutching feeing going into 1st, where I could even chop the throttle and rev it before it really engaged 1st much. My 600LT is totally different, which I’m happy with but the hard click...