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  1. The Latest 488 Spider To Get The Performance Mod Treatment – by #TeamWB

    Other Road Cars (SLR, M6GT, M81)
    With this being the dozenth or so local 488 that we have completed this year alone there isn’t much left to say about Ferrari’s incredible midengined twin-turbo V8. This Spider from Maranello is sporting ANRKY’s 3-piece forged AN34 wheels with a nice little addition to the center cap area. For...
  2. A 488 Pista Gets the ANRKY Wheels Treatment – A Wheels Boutique Build

    Other Road Cars (SLR, M6GT, M81)
    Supercars like the Pista edition Ferrari 488 are often created with the ethos of being a track car. Realistically though the majority of these exotic cars spend their days cruising down the boulevard or attending local cars & coffee not too far from their home garage. This particular Pista...
  3. Ferrari 488 GTB with HRE P107SC’s & An OEM++ Look – a Wheels Boutique Build

    Other Road Cars (SLR, M6GT, M81)
    We know that not everyone lives in a city where the roads are perfect & lowering your car comes with no repercussions. For those clients who live in areas like New York for example we wheel built a fitment that pairs nicely with an OEM ride height. The Ferrari 488 GTB below is a perfect example...
  4. Classy & Elegant Ferrari 488 GTB on ANRKY AN38’s by Wheels Boutique

    Other Road Cars (SLR, M6GT, M81)
    Yet another Ferrari 488 GTB completed by our team here in South Florida. Over the years this 21” front & 22” rear fitment has become a customer favorite for this vehicle. The ANRKY AN38’s are not only larger but also wider than the factory wheels by a significant margin. The setup allows for a...