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MP4 12c
Gloss Black
Lift System, Meridian with backup Camera
My late husband and I first saw the Mclaren when the dealership was not even open yet in Beverly Hills. It was around 11:00 pm raining when we first saw the sign and the "Opening Soon" sign. We decided to stop and look in the windows. It reminded me of the "marshals" commercial "open, open, open" or how much is that doggy in the window.

I worked for my husband and he called me into his office to say we are going to play hookey for a few hours because the Mclaren dealership just opened. We went over there walked around and that place must have been our sanctuary for the next several months. We finally took a test drive up over the malibu hills and we both were in love! Needless to say a few days later my husband showed me the receipt for a deposit and the rest was history.

We had such a blast creating this car. We met Frank Stephenson right when we had ordered it up at Pebble Beach. He signed this poster for Rick and they spoke a few times more while the car was being made over in England.

The most special thing about this car is when they delivered the car, my husband and I were there to see if come off the truck. Mclaren Dealership said they were going to detail it and get it ready for pickup in a few days. The day my husband was to pick up the car he had a stroke and was in a coma for 2 weeks. He woke up on Dec. 31st 11:31 pm. 2012. He recovered and in February of 2013 we were able to pick up the car. It was such a special day. Knowing his car was waiting for him while he was in the hospital gave him more reason to get better faster!

My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 colo/rectal cancer almost a year to the date of picking up the car. He was misdiagnosed in a series mistakes and the love of my life died December 5, 2014. This car is something that brought us so close, it would be hard to ever get rid of it even though I have had a lot if issues with it from the day we got it. Warranty or not this car has been in the shop more then I got to drive it. As a matter of fact it was in the shop literally 3 months and the Warranty expired during the time they had it. I paid one time to renew the warranty the second time it expired while they still had the car I refused. If I didn't have so much attachment to this car because of my husband I would have sold it!
2013 Mclaren MP4 12c (Gloss Black)


Just pure sexiness and speed!
Perforated Black seats with the Red showing through the pinholes.
This feature wasn't available when we first put in our order, however when we found out about it my husband had a fit till he could get them to give him his Perforated Black and Red seats.
Gloss Black (ok this I was not a fan off and am still not due to keeping clean is not next to impossible BUT IMPOSSIBLE! unless you keep in a bubble)

Red Carbon Fiber Engine Cover - Thus the name Black Widow!

2012 Doors on the 2013 Model: Both my husband and I loved the idea of having to slide your hand compared to pushing the button.
Mclaren wasn't really happy about us wanting this, but they did do it and said they would not do it again! Hey part of the fun is watching people trying to open your door! LMOA
Meridian. After my husband passed they had come out with the back up camera along with some upgrades. I did go ahead and have the upgrades, however I said from prior to purchasing this car that the sound system SUCKS! No only does it sound horrible and muffled but the damn thing to this day gives me nothing but problems.

I would bring it back into the shop again to be fixed but it may take another 3 months of keeping the car just to tell me there is nothing wrong with the system.

Issues: Happens a lot but not all the time.
1)doesn't play radio (shows that it cant find a radio station)
2) cant change radio station, its on one station and you go to change the station and even though you change the numbers the station is actually the same one you were trying to change.
3) Cant get any of the "extras" offered other then GPS or Directions to work. For some reason always says no web connection or bluetooth.
Wheel and Tire
Red Calipers My idea! Looks Great Right!?



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