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  1. 750LT in 2020

    McLaren 720S More spy photos including some good close ups of the canards, front splitter and wing lip.
  2. 750LT in 2020

    McLaren 720S
    Road & Track wrote this up too. Wonder if the “dive planes” will see production. Those sure are popular on the Pagani’s and other hyper cars now.
  3. If you had a choice - 570s Spider or 600LT Spider

    McLaren 570S
    For my first supercar the 570S Spider was plenty of car and I didn’t see the need for the track focus of the 600LT Spider. For me if I was going to spend the extra money I’d make the leap to the 720. Maybe in a few years, but it will also be interesting to see what the next gen sports series...
  4. 750LT in 2020

    McLaren 720S
    Next year. The ultimate roadster will likely be announced at car week this year, 750LT should be announced this time next year.
  5. What got you interested in McLaren's?

    McLaren Lounge
    My dad raced with VARA up and down the west coast when I was in high school and college. Pops in his Lotus 23b and me in my 570 negotiating the Corkscrew 30 years apart. The above picture was when he won his class at the Monterey Historics in 1987. Probably enjoyed watching your dad back in...
  6. Bowers & Wilkins 14 speaker upgrade worth it?

    McLaren 720S
    Always get the best stereo unless you are concerned about weight.
  7. 750LT in 2020

    McLaren 720S
    Nothing earth shattering here but thought I’d post since there was some discussion about this in the 720 vs Pista thread.
  8. Pebble Beach Car Week Rally

    McLaren Lounge
    I was wrong it's Mika Hakkinen, but there will be at least one CanAm car...
  9. 720s vs pista

    McLaren 720S
    While the chassis of the F8 is based on the same design as the 458 and 488, it’s more than a facelift. The F8 power plant puts out the same horsepower as the Pista and the aero of the new bodywork delivers downforce similar to the Pista. It’s similar to the 488 delivering performance that was in...
  10. 720s vs pista

    McLaren 720S
    Didn’t mean to hijack the thread but clearly we’ve all been thinking about this.
  11. Pebble Beach Car Week Rally

    McLaren Lounge
    I signed up for the 100|OCT drive too. Should be fun!
  12. hobbes and shaw mclaren

    McLaren Lounge
    McLaren SF is doing a screening tomorrow night on the peninsula.
  13. Hobbs & Shaw Movie features 720S

    McLaren Lounge
    McLaren SF is doing a free screening tomorrow night. Movie looks questionable at best but I like the actors and love the “hero” car!
  14. Babies at home

    Members Garages & Cars
    Leased a spot from a neighbor in my building so both babies are at home now!
  15. Pebble Beach Car Week Rally

    McLaren Lounge
    On 8/15? I’m interested, probably just a day trip for me since I don’t have a room down there. May go back for the Bernardus thing Friday or Saturday but I haven’t RSVP’d yet. Is anyone going to the Rolex Reunion on the weekend? I’ll love to see Kimi take that Can Am McLaren around Seca.
  16. McLaren speedster

    McLaren Ultimate Series
    Can’t wait to see what this looks like!
  17. Track Day Pictures

    McLaren Owners Lounge
    Got some great ones back from McLaren San Francisco's 6/3/19 Laguna Seca Event. Thought I would share. Anyone else have any track day photos to share?
  18. FYI Bruce McLaren movie.

    McLaren Owners Lounge
    I watched it and it was really good. Ashamed to admit I didn’t know the full depth of his accomplishments as a driver and constructor while he was alive. It was a different era but still massively impressive. The old video on the races is terrific. Glad I bought it on iTunes so I can watch over...
  19. FYI Bruce McLaren movie.

    McLaren Owners Lounge
    It’s for sale on Amazon and iTunes. I wasn’t able to find it on Netflix. Bought it on iTunes, looking forward to watching it.
  20. Insurance for 720s

    McLaren Lounge
    Geico had no problem insuring me, although it's only a 570 Spider, there were no milage restrictions.
1-20 of 38 Results