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  1. Official Introduction / Enzo Performance McLaren ECU Calibration

    McLaren MP4-12C
    Does this tuning, in anyway, interfere with other electronics or any mechanical parts of the car? And does it have a chance to increase the heat exiting the exhaust tip and thereby melting the rear body work?
  2. Ceramic pads

    McLaren 650S
    Anyone experience more than twice the wear on the rear pads compared to the front? Also, anyone notice that the rear stock pads are AP-Racing by Textar, and the front pads Brembo? I checked with parts and they confirmed it. McLaren probably increased the rear brake-steer bias, and hence the...
  3. 650S brake pads

    McLaren 650S
    Anyone have any experience with Pagid or Endless Ceramic brake pads?
  4. License Plate Frame with CF Bumper - How?

    McLaren 650S
    Or just track the car like I need for a plate! :-)
  5. Titanium Poggipolini wheels bolts

    McLaren Lounge
    Anyone have any idea where to get Poggipolini Titanium wheels bolts for the MP4-12C? Somehow they have not been easy to find. I have my old ones from my Ferrari but at 53mm, shank length, they are too long.
1-5 of 5 Results