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  • Dirk Hollis ·
    I read through several of your posts. Looks like you would be the owner to ask a fuel mileage question. I'm considering an MP4-12C purchase that will be used for long road trips. What should I expect for fuel mileage at interstate speeds? I saw one of your posts with a pic of 12 mpg. Is that typical?

    Micheal ·
    Hey Zombie,
    I got a question for you, I saw that you had a bunch of service done a week or so ago and mentioned you replaced your diffuser with a CF one. Did you get the MSO one or did you get an aftermarket one and have the dealer install it? If it was an aftermarket one which, brand did you go with and how happy are you with the fitment? Can I be so nosey as to ask what that cost you? I am looking at the exotic car gear one and can't seem to pull the trigger on an aftermarket item for the car yet because of my fear of the quality and durability...

    Thanks for any info,
    tejabyte ·

    I'm new to the forum and I was told you did a cross country road trip in your McLaren 12C. Do you have a minute to share your experience? Thanks!
    jessicaishome ·
    you are always so kind to me, Thank You !!!
    I am glad you like how I tool my MP4 and created art via my photography, no Photoshop, all straight and natural photos taken yesterday at Yosemite with my camera phone. Yes, I did some professional photography a long time ago if you are curious. Never made any money with it but I feel I had talent but most people did not see what I did.
    - jessica
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