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  • 2016 650S ·
    Do you have a suggestion on a rear carbon diffuser for a 650S? There are only a few options, MSO is so expensive. Do you have a suggestion.


    trans78 ·
    Hello, i saw that you have a bunch of a batteries for a Mclaren. How cheap are you willing to let one go for? I don't need one at the moment, but it would be nice to have a spare battery laying around for when i do.
    Jesse Scialfa ·
    Hi, I need a ISG diaphragm block off plate please and I need it asap. For a 2013 spider. How can I order and get it here asap? Please text me i don't check here much (949)395-5377
    - Jesse
    redlinedp ·
    I see that u are one of the only knowledgeable ppl on this forum about the mechanical aspects of these cars. I have a 16 570s and my factory warranty is up at the end of this month. my car is at the dealer now for all the little trim pieces and dash rattle nick nacks. should I extend my warranty or let it lapse since im not going to get 5k worth of repairs out of the car per year? with that being said my car is catless straight piped with tune and drop in filters. my dealer says that if the car was stock to let the warranty go, but because its tuned that they've seen much higher failures of turbos and overheating issues and I should extend my warranty. I don't want to throw away essentially $7500 per year for warranty and annual service if im not going to be getting use of it. which direction do u think I should go? if having the tune is truly pushing the motor to the point of where failure is inevitable, then I want to keep the warranty because its only a matter of time
    kermit675 ·
    Hi XPRD, I recall you mentioning having a set of P1 buckets for sale before.

    While I did manage to fashion a satisfactory solution to my problem of the headrest rubbing on my helmet I would like to know how much you want for the set in case they provide additional benefits. Is the rake adjustable without having to break out the wrenches and can they tilt back further than the LT buckets? What finish are the seats in - I presume they are black.

    Chrigel ·

    I saw your post that you have an used IRIS 2 available. My touchscreen is not responding anymore. Would that fix it? How much do you want for it including shipping it to CA (94552)?.


    2012 12C
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