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  • zippycar ·
    Hi Kevin

    I hope you are well and thanks for taking time message me.

    I’ve been without a McLaren since December and so have been getting a little restless with all of the delays, but from both of our 12C experiences, it’s no real surprise.

    I’m not as patient as you and couldn’t wait, but probably now wish I had as a March 2018 car with your exact spec is a good shout.

    Was hoping to do Spa this year, but will now have to postpone it until 2018, when I will also try get to more events.

    Interesting to hear Andy’s feedback from Portimão, which all sounds good and makes the waiting even more unbearable.

    McBristol have just got their demo which was delayed due to no availability of stealth wheels, of all things and so hope to drive this soon.

    All the best and happy McLaren motoring.

    andy c ·
    got a spare if you would like it Kevin, they are throwing them at us at the moment,nearly had 3 ,but explained my library was full
    andy c ·
    As know,i think the brand and the car are second to none,so i want to be on the list to keep my finacial options open,this is a lifetime purchase for me,and i need to try to keep it rolling without getting left behind,i think you see what i mean
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