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  • 45698 ·
    Hi, Looking to purchase the 2 year on my 2012 MP4. I am in Toronto Canada, dealers here want around 16k what did you score on price if you don't mind me asking?
    Steve33fish ·
    Hey Ron, I don't want to call that guy out selling the 12C for 137k but I know for sure that's the one that sold a few months ago, it had almost the whole car repainted.
    future01 ·
    Thanks for the info. I am in Northern CA and McLaren SF is the dealership I walked into. My only knock on them is they didn't have many cars. They did have a 2014 12C which is what started my interest. Do you have any experience with the So Cal McLaren dealerships? They have several in colors/options that are of interest to me.
    GGJr. ·
    Hi Ron -

    I just logged on - I have been visiting ML but not logging in, so I just saw this - was this supposed to go to me or was this about maybe getting some local people together? I forgot that ML logged me off.

    How the new baby???
    RonMathMD ·
    Hi Marc...

    I've found that a fair price for a 2012 12C with 5k miles is about 56% of MSRP. Subtract $1/mile over 5k. And add $4000/12 mos of remaining warranty. This will give you a fair number to negotiate with.

    For my car, the MSRP was $268,000. McLaren SF had it listed at $165,000. It had 5400 miles and 18 mos of warranty remaining. It was CPO. I got it for $150,000 + tax/title which was about $6000 under that formula above.

    $150,000 for a 5k mile car with some warranty is about right provided the car has decent option packages.

    The 12C is absolutely amazing to drive! :)

    Hope that helps...

    Good luck...
    Mjsfrx ·
    Hi Ron, it's Marc from Carlsbad. If you don't mind, what's a fair price for a 12c like yours? I'm looking to engage on a couple options thru a Mclaren dealer. Thanks and hope,your enjoying the ride.
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