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  • Gum12345 ·
    Hi, I saw one of your old posts and wonder whether you have figured out a solution to this. I am taking my 650s w/ trofeo to track for the first time. The format is that cars run in groups (20-25min each session) so I imagine my tires will have very wide range of temperature. Do you just have to constantly adding and bleeding air? Thx

    "In another note, what do you guys do when you're getting extremely large pressure range variations? My last track day, I started with Trofeo's at 24.5psi cold, and was finishing 20 minute sessions with pressures around 38 hot.

    If I bleed that 38psi hot down to target spec of 32psi, the fully cold pressure is going to be below 20psi. That's kind of worrisome to me."
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