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  • f1_oov ·
    Good.Almost here! You'll be in it by mid month by the sounds of things... See you on the UK Owners Forum!
    f1_oov ·
    :) I've been a member since June 16, and it quickly became my 'goto' place for McLaren info.

    A lot of variety of owners on there of every model.... Literally from 540 right up to P1 along with specials like P1 GTR, MSO HS, plus several Senna deposit holders.
    f1_oov ·

    You might want to think about joining the McLaren Owners UK Club. There's a wealth of information on there plus lots of banter between the 300+ members.

    It's run via a private group on FB. I know FB isn't for everybody but the pro's outweigh the cons IMO especially when its a secret/private group.

    You can apply via

    Main admin is Jeff Vaudrey.

    Tell him f1_oov proposed you.
    f1_oov ·
    Hello Craig,

    I cant find Chris McDonald's email (although I'm guessing its probably [email protected]), but you could also try the Head of Business Development, David Lock at Reep Yorkshire at [email protected] and 07876 515946 and 01 423 860022. David will put you in touch with the right person at whatever Reep location is best for you..

    Hope it goes well!
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