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  • MCGreen ·
    Hi Gary,

    I know this is a long shout however I am kind of running out of time. I am really interested in cars and throughout multiple Goodwood festival of speeds and Wilton house meets I have always admired Mclarens. I have always dreamed of turning up to prom in a really unique car. I have already posted on the forums to no avail. However I saw that you have driven people to their prom before I thought it was worth a message.

    I know this would be quite an ask as I live far away in Calne, Wiltshire; but it would mean the world to me and would guarantee a whole school year admiring your car! I like to be independent, however I don't have enough money to hire a supercar from a company.

    My prom is on 07/07/2017 starting at 7pm, I'm just asking as this is my last option and it would make me stupidly happy to turn up in a Mclaren!

    Thanks a lot in advance
    garyw ·
    Hi Jay, I think there's a mandatory wait for live functions on ML.
    However I can confirm that you've sent me an email already regarding Wilton House event.
    It mentions the 30 place less this year and that full commitment is required- and I fully appreciate why that is so.
    At this time I can't fully commit and wouldn't want to take the place of some other wanting attendee.
    I do hope to attend, especially after have the photo of me entering the gates as part of the Castrol advertising post the event.
    All the best Garyw
    the email is [email protected]
    Jaykaybi ·
    Hi Gary,

    I'm new to these forums and for some reason, despite definitely sending several PMs recently, my outbox is showing as empty and I'm paranoid that I've not sent you details about Wilton. Can I ask you (if you've not already) to send me your email address?

    Kind regards,
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