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  • Huahincraig ·
    Hi Rich.
    Yes thanks picked it up on 20th March and posted some pics on my post headed "Cosmos 720S-Vin 1700 just delivered"

    ( -you got a shout-out!

    Now back in Thailand for a couple of months and had to leave car at dealership due to 2 issues:-
    1) Very loud continuous rattle noise from both doors at different times-need to replace Window regulators.
    2) Both screens went completely blank for about 10 secs while I was on M6 toll heading up to Manchester which was a bit freaky. Really strange as no loss of drive chain power and computer reset itself then no further occurrences. MacBirmingham had never heard of this error before but MTC are investigating.

    Coincidentally I just sent Jeff at UK McLaren Owners Club my owners verification copy invoice so hopefully will officially join in a week or so.
    Huahincraig ·
    I've just completed the initial application. Thanks again!
    Just heard from the dealer that build is complete and now awaiting delivery to Birmingham McLaren. Exciting times!
    Huahincraig ·
    Hi Rich,
    Thanks for all your valued input so far during my order and awaiting build/delivery period, which hopefully ends on 20th March.
    Anyway, as you kindly offered, I would appreciate the email address of the owner of Reep in regards to arranging some McL Orange pinstriping.
    In the meantime, just one more quick question-Did they get a perfect match of your (Xenon?) Yellow by computer scan (or some such) or was it simply the closest Yellow match to a pre-determined Yellow on a Color chart such as 3M?
    All the best
    andy c ·
    Hi Rich...great you are an owner you can join the McLaren owners uk's totally private and on Facebook .....yes I know I didn't have Facebook,but I've gone on there just for this group over 100 Mac uk owners so more relevant than Mac life and you get to meet owners too ....if it's not for you I understand ,but if you fancy it the send me your email and I will propose you Cheers Andy
    Ps,all the usual suspects plus more
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