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  • Christine Fritsch ·
    I want to post your launch video's on my Facebook page. Is that okay? Who should I give credit to?

    I don't know if I want to line up with you at WGF though. I can't do that and you will embarrass me. I have a list of people I avoid at the races. You're on it now. :) Just kidding. I'll be with my 12C friends. Make sure we all race together. Watch out for Mike Monin though. He has 888R's and last time we were out just driving he was pulling away from ME! He won't admit to a tune, but when he just put the new exhaust on, he's faaaaast. And his RT's are really good.
    markj ·
    Hey Excel, Fat Frank says you sell the ODB reader to deciphon and clear codes for the mp4-12c. How much for what I need for my 2012 ?
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