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  • MKSH ·
    Hi sorry for the late response from the thread "Search for 675LT"

    Just to give you a little background on the LT, purchased from Pfaff McLaren Toronto, Chassis #416 which was picked intentionally because it's Toronto's area code, car has just been through its first service and went straight to hibernation in storage.
    Gorgeous vehicle probably the highest spec'd LT in Canada with roof scoop and louvres from factory, vehicle is in black with orange accents, orange and black bucket seats, orange embossed "675LT" on headrest, gloss ppf on all matte carbon parts to give it a gloss carbon fibre look. I will need to double check the mileage but very minimal and in absolute perfect condition, never been tracked, never been left outside or been in the rain/snow.

    If you're interested, please send me your number so I can forward over some pictures of the car.

    Champagne612 ·
    Tarrow hope you arrived safe and sound.

    St Louis - agree I also looked and thought about the Alpha.

    Going up there next week to track Autobahn - let me know if you want to join I have some track passes.
    nielsll ·

    Where are you located? I also looked at the Lake Forest Alpha car. Decided that it was too much for what it was. Ended up with a white 12C from Florida. LF still has the white Proj. Alpha and they still want too much for it. I am in Green Oaks.

    Tarrow701 ·
    Hi Doug, I'm about an hour out of St Louis if you're still up for lunch/coffee. OK tornado changed routing, now headed to Memphis then home. Regards, Barry. 817 821 9890
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