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  1. 720 depreciation

    McLaren 720S
    Mclaren Beverly Hills has a 2019 720 with a $329k sticker. Car was a demo and technically never registered as "new" but currently has 3,700 miles. If I were to make an offer on it, what do you guys think the car is worth? Think If I made an offer for $265k that's too low? Car doesn't have that...
  2. Graduated to a 720s

    McLaren 720S
    I feel like a peasant with my 570s coupe every time I talk to someone who has a 720 lol. Its funny because the 570s will beat almost every other supercar out there minus a select few, and I still feel like a nobody compared to someone with a 720 lol.
  3. BEST TIRES???

    McLaren 570S
    This topic has been discussed on the forum multiple times and the general conclusion is if you use your car often, no matter on the street, track, rain, the Michelin Super Sports are probably the best choice of tire you can get. Last longer than the Stock Pirelli Corsas by a long shot. The Super...
  4. thinking of selling a F430 for a 570s

    McLaren 570S
    The 570 is in a whole different league than the f430. Compared to the f430 in terms of maintenance, the 570 has a double clutch which is bulletproof, the motor is bulletproof, and everything else is just as reliable as a huracan or 488 or something similar in class. Occasionally you may get some...
  5. 720s reliability, honest opinions!

    McLaren 720S
    Had my 2018 570s coupe since January, bought it as a demo from Mclaren Bev Hills with 1,100 miles on it. Car overall has been solid, car has had a few small issues. Rattle noise coming from drivers side intake area, small tear in the carbon bucket seats alcantara (was there on delivery), rarely...
  6. Tune 570S with Warranty

    McLaren 570S
    I would want something in writing saying they will keep the car under warranty! The good thing is from what ive seen with other owners and including myself is that the 570 platform is very reliable. But on the other hand, I still want my warranty for as long as I could have it! And my fear is...
  7. Alignment Specs Mclaren 570s

    McLaren 570S
    Hi there, I've done some research but come up empty handed. I live 600 miles from my nearest Mclaren dealer and I need an alignment (car is pulling to the right). I have a shop in town that works with lots of high end exotics but he needs the stock specs for an alignment for a 570s. I tried...
  8. This is why not to buy a McLaren...

    McLaren Lounge
    I think in this particular situation, it’s partially both Salomondrin’s and Mclaren’s fault. On one hand, you have a YouTube’r who has been talking about his Senna burning to the ground non stop for 6 months and Mclaren is probably tired of hearing about it. It’s their new flagship car and all...
  9. Near brand new car leaking oil, factory warranty now voided, and held at dealership until I pay up

    McLaren 570S
    What dealer is this?? We need to know in order to warn other forum members.
  10. My 570s Experience from 60miles to 2,000

    McLaren 570S
    Had my 2018 570s coupe now since January and have about 4,000 miles on it. Ive had two different faults pop up that went away after shutting off the car and starting it back up. 1. Horn Malfunction 2. Headlamp Malfunction Also the tuner for the radio went missing once and after about 20...
  11. Why Are 720s Prices Dropping So Fast?

    McLaren 720S
    I get that cars depreciate! Thats no surprise. I am just curious why the 720 is dropping at the rate it is. I would think they would be holding their values better considering all the positivity surrounding the car. All the car reviews from journalists, magazines, youtuber's, owners say that it...
  12. Why Are 720s Prices Dropping So Fast?

    McLaren 720S
    What early issues did the first 720s have? And what did they change? (in terms of updated parts)
  13. Why Are 720s Prices Dropping So Fast?

    McLaren 720S
    Hi guys, so for the past two months I have been looking to add a 720 to the garage. Currently have a 2018 570s coupe and love it. I plan on keeping the 570 along with adding a 720. A new 720 is pretty expensive (for me at least) so unless a dealer offers a smoking deal on a new 720, I will most...
  14. License Plates

    McLaren 720S
    Here is my current Mac plate, CHEEETO IMG_0818 by keaton wynn, on Flickr
  15. License Plates

    McLaren 720S
    I had the same plate on my Gallardo before I sold it for my 570s!