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My primary motive, here starts my journey!

Hello everyone!

This will be my first post here. As an aspiring McLaren owner, I’d like to share my story of how I fell in love with this brand and hope to express my enthusiasm and seek advice from all of you!

I’m no writer but I’ll try to put you where I was August of 2018- pardon my horrible writing skills? Thanks in advance...

A little about me:

My favorite “daily” vehicle to date has always been the BMW M3, since first discovering it 16 years ago. Since then I have had several of them, logged many hours at the track and currently work for BMW in a Motorsport tech support role. I’ve driven every M made(except M1) on a racetrack and I currently drive a 2017 M3 6spd and was doing well enough to finally consider purchasing my childhood poster dream car, the Lamborghini Gallardo.

This past August, I made my way to a local Lambo/McLaren/Rolls dealership to see about testing one out.

I was very excited to finally sit in a 2009 Gallardo that had been sitting for some time on the lot. My adrenaline was pumping and I was ecstatic to finally experience the car.

Then, I opened the door and sat down...

The interior was sharp, but felt dated with many worn buttons and switches that had some of the plastic and dye faded off of them from years of use. It felt dated. The steering wheel was decaying and the seat upholstery was slowly deteriorating. While I know this wasn’t a good example to consider, my dream was more or less crushed and years of fantasy went down the drain. It didn’t feel like I thought it would. I didn’t bother with a test drive. I was disappointed and discouraged to say the least...

Aiming to head out with my head low, the salesperson asked me if I would consider something else.

“You know,” he says, “you mentioned you really wanted a true driver’s car(I knew better than a base model Gallardo to be honest). Would you consider sitting in a McLaren?” I shrugged, still heartbroken. “Yea, sure. I don’t know much about them but why not?”

“Ok wait here...” he says.

After a few minutes, he rolls around the corner in a...”Wow what is THIS?!” I ask.

“This is a 570S”, he says. “Here, have a seat.”

At this point I’m baffled. I’ve never even heard of this, never seen one and WOW the design! I get in and a 29-year-old became a 7-year-old in seconds- everything felt right. EVERYTHING. I started noticing how form followed function in every detail I could pick on. Each facet of the car had a functional purpose as the salesperson explained the details. Mind blown.

Upon heading out, he gives me the OK to put my foot down and......!!! “Engine Electrical System Malfunction”. Or something like that. Now it’s maybe 200 crank horsepower. “What the hell?”

We swapped it for another example and....same thing. This happened with three additional cars. Maybe the Gallardo wasn’t such a bad idea?

He starts to explain “Ok. Come back next Tuesday and I promise I’ll figure out why this kept happening. I’ll make sure you drive one that works.”

“Ok...” I said reluctantly.

After returning from a business trip(to COTA actually!), I return one last time to the dealership.

The store manager for McLaren greets me this time. Apparently, I have to wait for the warmup readings to go from blue to green, or something of the sort, before driving it or driving it hard?

570 #6, we wait six minutes into warmup. The colors change and we head out for my salesperson’s last chance to show me what a McLaren can do.

“Ok, here we go...” I said, hoping not to arrive at yet another disappointing message on the cluster and a performance reduction to Corolla-like power figures.

I roll on the gas onto the one-mile straight, out of the dealership parking lot and...OH MY. SWEET, NEW-FOUND LIFE WORK MOTIVATION....this thing was incredible!!

I was particularly thrilled at how well it entered, held, and exited a turn at speed. The balance of the car was unbelievable. 126 mph through an on-ramp later, this is the most fun and exhilaration I’ve ever experienced on wheels.

Two miles later, a machine at double what I could afford to buy and maintain made the Software company I began building on the side 3 years ago has a new target for success. I’ve taken massive falls, separated fantasy from reality and hope to do things differently this year to start really getting somewhere. I haven’t taken a real vacation in years to put time into building my business and, only since experiencing a McLaren, I’m totally fine with that!

I’ve been working very hard to get to my goals, and while a 570S isn’t the only goal by far(and I’m still far from it), it’s definitely somewhere at the top of the list.

I wanted to share this with you all, because I’m fully confident that day will come and wanted you guys/gals to hear the start of it. People like you inspire me, and I hope to chat with you all very soon about your past hardships and successes as well.

It’s a privilege to be here with you all. Thank you for having me!
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Warm engine and warm tires are important when stabbing the throttle.

Definitely look into the pre owned market. They r a steal currently.
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Thank you! I also have to budget for maintenance but my biggest fear is depreciation. Not a matter of IF but how much in how much time. Hard for me to find info on this.
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Heel, I REALLY enjoyed your first post here and look forward to many more.

I totally get what you're saying, and if depreciation is a dealbreaker for you (as much as I hate to say this) perhaps McLaren is going to be a difficult choice for you. I am by no means an expert on exotics; I'm a total newbie who is here to learn. I know other marques are a bit better about holding their value for resale, but the problem I ran into was that during my research I just happened to fall head over heels for McLaren.

I may be in a different situation than you, so take this with a grain of salt, but just for the sake of argument, take one of the brands that 'lost' in my personal car battle - Porsche. I've wanted a 911 since I was a little boy. One of my Dad's friends still has an ivory white 1960 that just blows me away every time I see it. However, I can't afford one that seems special (like, say a 918 Spyder) and run of the mill specimens just don't tick the 'special' box for me.

Also, I have NO PLANS to ever sell my eventual 570. If you keep it, there is no lost depreciation cost... So, I'm going to over-spec a 570 Spider and create something that others in a different situation would be 100% correct in calling me an idiot for dialing up so high an MSRP.

Best of luck to you!!!
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An adage from the misspent youth of my skydiving days: "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast..."
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Thank you sir! It’s funny you say that because I think it’s a conflicting thought when you move towards purchasing a piece of rolling real estate. You’re basically quantifying an ownership experience against an inevitable loss, and justifying how much of a loss you’ll take which should be proportionate to the value of the experience, itself, right?

For me, I’m more of an engineer and adrenaline junkie at heart. The functionalities and attention to detail throughout is what “turned” me to McLaren. I’ve considered leasing vs. owning. Leasing (it seems) is a more expensive way to go(fixed) vs. purchasing used with a warranty, say, either one with 47-month projections in each scenario to see where you’d stand at that point to compare to a lease. The way I see it is I can calculate a fixed expense with a lease- not so with ownership because at that point I’d be at the mercy of the market for resale. The math in between is obviously straightforward. I DO like that McLaren gives you what seems like forever to keep extending your warranty. Bottom line is, assuming it’s a comfortable dent in my monthly income takeaway that doesn’t leave me feeling financially deprived of “other” greener pastures in life, is the emotional satisfaction worth the massive(for me at least) tug? I’m considering the following:

My primary uses. I will not own a McLaren that doesn’t see the track. To me, it’s like dating a supermodel that you can ONLY take on dates but not home(not the most appropriate example but you get my point). Without the track, I can’t justify owning one just to flick the paddles down to the local Cars & Coffee or to a 5-star steakhouse to pretend I’m a “big baller” while secretly being terrified I can’t see where the car is parked while I try to enjoy my steak dinner. Assuming I someday have the time, road trips would make a fun adventure, document the whole thing(as I would on the track), upload it to YouTube(hopefully for gas reimbursement) and relive the experience.

So primary uses would be Racetrack and Road Trip- perfect for destroying whatever resale value is still left, which brings me back to me original thought of justifying the expense-to-emotional-reward ratio. I think people who have enough money to very comfortably afford them would care less and those with extreme wealth wouldn’t be in a 570(P1, F1), so I’m trying to get in the mindset of doing something like this and being 100% ok with it when I’m not driving the car.

I suppose if my rationale wasn’t so black/white, I’d shrug off the “whys” and more openly accept the “why not’s”. I have many friends who own supercars. All of them are happy. All of them are extremely hard-working. Some drive very fast, some drive the speed limit. NONE of them regret the ownership experience(at least not publicly). Then again, in my opinion, McLarens are more expensive than, say, a 10 year old supercar.

As I’m typing this I’m still remembering my driving experience(in the one that worked) and how a two-mile test drive completely set this philosophy in motion for me with the brand. Maybe McLaren owners have a similar reciprocating mindset? Or is it as simple as “f**k it, why not?” and leave it there?
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At your age, I’d rather put as much money in a Roth 401k if money is an issue. I think the financially prudent thing and way to think of this is, is you’re likely flushing 200k down the toilet over 5 years, but you really don’t care because you love the experience. If it’s worth more than that at the end (not likely), then great. If not, you’re prepared for the experience and can enjoy it for what it is.

Regardless, I wish you good fortune in all your pursuits!
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Spec 570 Spider soon
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Before I get started, Zombie makes a very wise point...I don't know your particular situation, but make sure you have your financial ducks in a row before you head down the exotic car road. You obviously know that a beautiful "piece of rolling real estate" falls in the want category, not the need category, and should never be the weight around your neck that causes you financial distress. In one of my previous lives, I was a Registered Investment Advisor, and I know the Physicist is giving you good advice.

It's funny that you perceived my cautionary tone as somehow quantifying the experience. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have an involuntary cringe every time I read a depreciation thread, even though I understand that this is a very valid point and real everyday concern for a large portion of the population. My situation is entirely different, and I fully understand that, while I'm certainly not Bill Gates, I worked pretty damned hard to be as fortunate as I am. I recently retired at the fairly-young age of 55, just wrote my final college tuition check, and the reason I'm waiting to spec my order is that I am trying like hell to make this car-thing work without taking on any additional debt as I enter my paycheck-free golden years.

Check the sig line on my posts. I spent ten years jumping out of airplanes for fun. Adrenaline junkie? Yup. The second time I drove a 570, it was very important to get an extended run in at a minimum of 120mph, just because that's terminal velocity in a stable, belly-to-earth body position while in freefall, and therefore the baseline for the rejuvenation of my personal adrenaline supply. (Yes, as a matter of fact, I'm pretty sure that road was in Mexico...) This is a qualitative experience for me in every way.

I'll be driving this thing all over the country once it gets here, but I will keep some miles off her odometer by buying an enclosed trailer for shuttling around. This won't be to protect her resale value, it will just be to shave off the mundane interstate mileage and save her soul for the sweeping twisties and all the gorgeous vistas this great land has to offer.

It's also worth noting that you're a damned good writer. No apologies necessary there. I spent a good chunk of time as a writer, editor and publisher of both newspapers and magazines, so I can tell you got those chops. I get a good vibe about you and can't wait until we both get our Macs; it would be a privilege to call you, "brother," on this forum.

An adage from the misspent youth of my skydiving days: "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast..."

Last edited by Bob_D; 05-19-2019 at 10:57 AM. Reason: typing with my feet again; damn typos
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I probably should have elaborated, sorry about that. When I said “you’re basically quantifying…” I meant “one is basically quantifying”, not you, personally(or did I miss the point again? If so, ooops! &#128522.

I totally understand where Zombie is coming from(thanks Zombie!). This may be because I don’t yet understand how a house with wheels could feel like a toy with no worry on the subject of financial loss. Goals, I suppose? To be clear, I’m in no rush to put owning a supercar before other major necessities in life(my M3 will do just fine in the mean time), rather, more like forecasting in my mind where I need to be to call owning a ‘Mac “comfortable”.

Also, Bob, there are Christmas trees and then there is my face when I read that last paragraph(which lit up enough to dwarf one, complete with lights and all the trimmings)- thank you, Sir! I’m excited to hear(and see) your adventures as well! Hopefully some day share my own. I, too, am itchy to “free fall” through the local road course track of choice in a 570.

Last night I rolled by the local(yes, local! &#128522 McLaren dealerspaceship for the 4th time this week at around 9:00 pm when inventory is out for the stalking and staff are gone for the day. One of my friends and former colleagues works there so the cameras and vocalized automated warnings when moving about the lot don’t scare me(kinda). I think I could probably write a small novel on how many different angles one can stare at a 570 from while on foot at 5’ 11”(I WILL make 6 feet someday, damnit…) with a minimum 3-feet distance from the car. It’s always the Ventura example, too. Hasn’t moved for months. I’ve literally gotten to the point where I ask my girlfriend on a boring Tuesday night, “Hey babe, McLaren run??” “Ok!” she’ll say. 20 minutes of expedition later, I’m 5 years old again. With a driver’s license. Then, in return, we have to go house hunting in the area while she swipes around on her phone for local listings. Mental_Unhelthiness.exe.

I’m grateful of the acceptance here. I think this is why I chose an entrepreneurial path in the first place- true entrepreneurs are optimists and empathetic to the cause. It’s a good feeling to be here, maybe I’ll start taking photos and videos for you all when I uselessly report on sitting inventory at my new playground after dark. Such media would serve no practical purpose whatsoever but I’ll bet would be somewhat entertaining for you. I think I just described the car again…anyone know a good therapist? 😉
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