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Originally Posted by TTM0TION View Post
That would be awesome.
Yes! I think @Mikeyb has been holding out on us…..
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Nice story about the '95 F1. What happened to "A team was duly formed by a small nucleus of McLaren employees"
Seems unless you have a team with hundreds of people, you have a slim chance to succeed.

We had a small team from South Africa there not too long ago. I have to check what they are up to.
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Nothing is as it seems!
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Gear up for Fernando’s entry into the 24 hours of Le Mans
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The 24 Le Mans competitors who’ve raced in F1
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the fix is in?

The Formula Behind Toyota's Unrivaled 24 Hours of Le Mans Bid
A dive into the administrative hierarchy behind Toyota's best shot at victory yet.


The official 2018/19 sporting regulations read: "All competitors and manufacturers that deliberately provided misinformation, tried to influence the EoT [Equivolence of Technology] process, or whose level of performance is higher than the expected result may be sanctioned with a penalty before, during, or after a race."

A one-lap penalty may also be issued at the end of the race.

At least initially, the way that WEC is exercising its power seems like a game of favorites, with Toyota as the winner. The idea that the WEC is hurting privateer teams, who make up eight of the 10 LMP1 entries, comes off as ridiculous without context. But referencing back to the attitude that Toyota could have towards promoting Alonso, the WEC could also be viewed as a fool for not rewarding its highest-spending, hype-churning team which has invested literal hundreds of millions of dollars into its sport.

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Hopefully all the Gazoo cars blow up and JPM gets the triple crown. Other than that narrative GT is the only thing to watch albeit an amazing this it is.

-no McLaren...yet
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Interesting report from a F1 driver that has extensive WEC experience……

What the F1 rookies should expect at Le Mans
As the defending Le Mans winner with Porsche, Toro Rosso Formula 1 racer Brendon Hartley is well-qualified to explain what this year's stellar rookie crop will encounter

By Brendon Hartley Published on Thursday June 14th 2018

Le Mans is a trickier circuit than it first appears. When you lay the track out, it doesn't look that complicated but there are a lot of unique things to consider, such as the long straights and the combination of the purpose-built racetrack and open roads.

The last sector is especially important. After such long straights we have the Porsche Curves, one of the highest speed sections that you can drive anywhere in a Le Mans Prototype.

It's a track that requires respect, especially with the traffic, which adds an interesting dynamic to the race. If you're hitting it at a specific point, what do you do? What are you looking for? What signs do they show that they have seen you? There are all these little details that you don't need to worry about in Formula 1.

The kinks after the Mulsanne Straight can be pretty scary. When you come across a GT car, you don't know how quickly they are going or whether the driver has seen you or not.

In LMP1 it's amazing how many cars you pass per lap. It's about finding that rhythm, that level of patience and understanding of the other cars around you.

When you start to see the same driver over and over again, you start to learn their habits and understand their body language.

My first Le Mans in 2012 was in LMP2, with Warren Hughes and Jody Firth for Murphy Prototypes.

I was passing cars and getting passed from behind by the LMP1 cars as well, so it was a real pleasure going to Porsche knowing that I was going to be looking ahead most of the time.

I think for the GT guys it's probably the worst because you have to be looking in the mirrors for so much of the lap.

I like the risk versus reward factor with the traffic. Do I wait? Do I save some energy?

I loved that aspect, staying focused for hours on end into the night. It can get lonely in the car, but it's rewarding too.

For the guys doing the race for the first time, 100% they will need a chat with their team-mates who have done it before
Le Mans was the very first time I ever drove a race car in the pitch black, in total darkness, and that was a bigger challenge than I initially thought because all your marks are gone.

As a driver, you're not using all the references that you see in the distance, but when you take them away you suddenly realise how much you do use them in the sub-conscious.

It becomes a completely new track from day to night. The speeds feel so much higher in the night - everything comes in and out of the headlights very quickly, almost like warp-speed.

The key difference with the Daytona 24 Hours is that Daytona is not true darkness, it's very lit-up. The banking is interesting because generally the slow cars stay down the bottom and the fast cars go up top.

There seems to be a very good understanding between the classes at Daytona, whereas I'd say Le Mans is perhaps a bit more freestyle. I found that generally the GT cars were a bit kinder to the prototypes there, I always had a feeling that they were helping you out more than at Le Mans.

For the guys that are doing the race for the first time, 100% they will need a chat with their team-mates who have done it before. Having an experienced team-mate is hugely important and I embraced that, I loved the team element.

That's the beauty of endurance racing - you are a team and you share everything. There's so much gold that an experienced driver can pass on.

I feel like there's more pressure in F1 because you're one driver rather than three, so it feels like there are more eyes on you. In F1, when you're making a decision on your set-up or balance it's just you and your engineer discussing it, whereas in LMP1 the load can be spread over three drivers and you're all working together.

Obviously the pressure is high at Le Mans too, but I always enjoyed racing there. When the pressure is on, you just have to remind yourself why you do it and it's the same in F1 or any sport when it becomes truly professional.

It's very easy to get caught up with all the pressures that are involved and lose sight of the absolute pleasure of it, which of course is why we are all here.
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Le Mans 24: Nakajima takes pole for Toyota #8
By Steven De Groote on 15 Jun 2018, 00:16

Race event, Le Mans 24 hours, Circuit de la Sarthefr
Toyota Gazoo Racing is set to see its cars start the Le Mans 24 hours race on Saturday from the best two positions of the grid. In car #8, it was Nakajima who recorded the car's two fastest laps, both of which were good enough for pole position.

Nakajima already already put the #8 (S. Buemi / K. Nakajima / F. Alonso) on top during the first qualifying session that was run on Wednesday, but the performance was underlined by an improved lap. Just 7 minutes into the extended final qualifying session, Nakajima recorded 3:15.377.

This means that Fernando Alonso will start his first Le Mans 24h from pole position, as he is set to take the first stint in the #8.

Nakajima's best was exactly two seconds faster than the sister Toyota #7 (M. Conway / K. Kobayashi / J. Lopez) that is set to start from second position. The latter didn't improve in the third and final session as rain continued to prevent drivers to do all-out qualifying laps. The Rebellion #3 (T. Laurent / M. Beche / G. Menezes) will position in third place on the grid, followed by Rebellion #1 (A. Lotterer / N. Jani / B. Senna)

More to follow...
Full results can be found at the official Le Mans 24 hours website:

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MikeyB.just yesterday came 6th from a start of 23rd out of 49 on the road to Lemans race in an LMP3... (Saturday Morning, before the main 24hours starts)should be interesting as I think they are starting in 6th place...I will be cheering him on ..
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Originally Posted by andy c View Post
MikeyB.just yesterday came 6th from a start of 23rd out of 49 on the road to Lemans race in an LMP3... (Saturday Morning, before the main 24hours starts)should be interesting as I think they are starting in 6th place...I will be cheering him on ..
That’s our man. Great result and wishing Mikey and team a successful outing. Will be sure to stay posted.
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Congratulations Mikeyb…….Fantastic!

Road To Le Mans Race 2, Benham & Tappy Win For Lanan Racing

GT battle spoiled by early fumble

16 June 2018, 12:40 PM

Michael Benham and Duncan Tappy took a convincing win for Lanan Racing, their Norma M30 taking the race to John Falb and Sean Rayhall in United Autosports’ Ligier JS P3 who put up a great fight but in the end didn’t quite have the speed.

Rain was threatened but never troubled an otherwise incident filled 55 minute race. The pole sitting #39 Graff car lost the Norma drag race at the start to Laurents Horr’s #30 CD Sport car, then being tapped from behind in the Dunlop chicane compression to rotate the car over the kerbs. The drama didn’t end there as another strong contender, yesterday’s winner the #11 Eurointernational car, became the innocent victim of the accident at the front of the GT3 field that would bring out an early safety car.

Mike Benham for Lanan Racing was caught slightly napping at the restart, falling back behind Horr with the TFT-SO24 and Ultimate Normas tucked in behind, Julien Piquet’s #60 CD Sport Norma losing ground from fourth. Jean-Baptiste Lahaye got past Benham for second a lap later.

The #79 Ecurie Ecosse / Nielsen Ligier was off with rear damage at second chicane as Colin Noble tried too hard to make up two positions under braking, making the move stick on the #24 Cool Racing car but misjudging the gap and going off at the entry just before the field started to think about pit stops. The #21 DB Autosport and 3 DKR Engineering Normas were among those that stayed out, an epic scrap between Schatz and Hoogenboom developing down the Mulsanne straight.

As the order resumed, Adrien Chila for Graff led Sean Rayhall for United Autosport, who made strong progress to take the French driver for the lead into the second chicane. Duncan Tappy was on a charge though in the #25 Lanan Norma M30, the McLaren factory driver disposing of Chila, who was carrying some frontal damage, and drawing in half a second from Rayhall.

Tappy stood onto the brakes into the slow zone at the start-finish line to be right on the back of the leading Ligier, but Rayhall controlled the gap all the way down the Mulsanne before Tappy made a move around the outside into Mulsanne Corner, then pulling a 2 seconds gap in traffic. Rayhall tried hard in the last two laps but Tappy had it all pegged down for the Lanan win.

Nicolas Schatz in DB Autosport Norma was 12 seconds back in third, Hoogenboom two and a half seconds away for fourth having had an off-track excursion at Tertre Rouge.

Both the #9 and #24 Cool Racing cars received late penalties for pit lane speeding that would adjust the order in the top ten.

“Yeah, thanks firstly to the team, I won’t try and name everyone in the team, because I’ll forget one,” an emotional Michael Benham said after the race. They’ve been rewarded for all the hard work, and I’m happy that we’ve been able to do that.”

“Back on the podium at Le Mans, that’s five times for me, I love it!” Falb said. “We wish we had the win here, Sean had a hell of the race, he just didn’t have the straight line speed to keep the #25 behind us. The guys behind the wall did a great job, they called me in as soon as possible to put our speeding bullet in the car.”


Early leaders and main contenders Marco Cioci and Sergio Pianezzola collided into the braking zone for the second chicane on the opening lap. This was a wild late braking move by Pianezzola that also claimed one of the main LMP3 contenders. The #71 AF Corse got car back to pits with frontal damage but both cars were out, Cioci predictably (and correctly) furious.

The position at the pit stops was the #54 Spirit of Race Ferrari leading the #69 Stile F Squadra entry, Spirit of Race’s #51 car third. The #51 Ferrari got the better stop though, Maurizio Mediani resuming after taking over the car from Christoph Ulrich, ahead of his team mate Louis Soenen. The #77 Kessel Racing car worked its way into second position, the #54 Ferrari now falling into the clutches of Gino Forgione in the #69 Stile F Quadra car, however a Stop/ Go penalty for Forgione effectively decided the 3rd place.

“I’m without words, winning at Le Mans, the most famous track. Even if it’s not the 24 hours, it’s fantastic. He’s done an amazing job,” said Ulrich.

“I was quite busy early with keeping my wheels on the tarmac, so I didn’t see the incident at the start. It was a big mess. Luckily we survived.”
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Toyota, Fernando Alonso Win Le Mans​

Fernando Alonso's epic race-changing overnight stint at Le Mans: 'I'm in the rhythm of the night!'

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Glad Toyota could seal the deal finally after the last couple years
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So happy for Toyota and Mikey
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Originally Posted by eMcL View Post
Toyota, Fernando Alonso Win Le Mans​

Fernando Alonso's epic race-changing overnight stint at Le Mans: 'I'm in the rhythm of the night!'

Next stop Indy!
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